“Does it scare you?”

“Does what scare me?”

“The fact that when you are behind the wheel, you cannot stop but keep going forward. There are no other ways. Your foot on the pedal, eyes on the road. So many cars are racing next to you. They crowd you, carry you, force you. You cannot spare to think for a slight second about the possibility to slow down. Let alone stop. I mean, haven’t you ever had this urge to stop? Like, in the middle of the highway. Right there. That’s crazy, I know. We all know. We all know the consequences. We will die in a splendid crash, together with so many others. Not only you and me know, but also others on the road. That’s why all of us keep going forward, suppressing the idea that maybe—just maybe—we all need a break. We keep so faithfully the little dirty secret among us that we dare not to think otherwise. We feel like we don’t have a choice. Man, look outside the window, watch the world passing you frenetically, and there’s no way to loosen your grip on the wheel. Doesn’t it scare you?”

“Just to make sure, you don’t have a license, do you?”