Life will find its way

I have a devil’s ivy. It has a branch that grows particularly long, hanging down on the table and reaching into the air. The branch keeps growing and has no sign of stopping.

A few days ago, a budding leave on that branch died of thirst—died of my negligence, mostly. I felt sorry being such a terrible plant dad. I tried to make up for it with lots of water. It went from droopy to lively, as I water it every time. I had no idea, however, what would happen to that branch. Would the wilted leave continue to grow somehow? Or would the branch stop growing entirely? (God no!)

This morning when I checked, a new leave had sprouted! The wilted part was left as it was, but there’s another new leave branching out—tender, delicate, bright green.

A devil ivy with its newly grow leave alongside a wilted one

Such a beautiful thing to see.

Life will always find its way, I guess.