Software Manifestos

It might not be accident at all that some startups are taking a new yet similar approach to software. Similar in a way that they all publish some sort of manifestos—or visions, statements, whatever you want to call them. These passages all share a story arc that starts by picking out what our present world is lacking and then proceeds to paint a picture of their proposed future.

I like manifestos, they manifest the power of ideas through the power of words, feeding right into my critical and unpractical mind; and I especially like the new direction they are heading, with an emphasis of playfulness and joy.

Below is an index of keywords gleaned from each text, by weaving together their choice of words the ambience of the futures they depict should be clear.

  • (Not Boring) Software’s No More Boring Apps: play, aesthetics, quality-of-life, point-of-view, inspire, express, surprise, challenge
  • Linear’s README - A story of magic: magic, dreams, imagination, creativity, expression
  • The Browser Company’s Optimizing For Feelings: feeling, humanity, spirit, soul, emotional, opinions, beliefs, ideas, love, craftsmanship, taste, subjectivity, vitality, moving, agency, sovereignty, quirks, edges

Now, go read them.