VisCom Project: Table of Contents

I am taking a visual design course this quarter (HCDE 508 Visual Communication). Throughout the quarter there’s an overarching project to rebrand a chosen “client”. The project consists of a series of assignments building on each other, spread across 10 weeks: moodboards, grids & layouts, brand marks etc.

So I thought: why not document the process? I’ve done the work and it’ll only take a fraction of my time to assemble them and put it out there. Turning the design rationale into written words will not only benefit the critique session each week, but also my portfolio-fobic future self and hopefully the more general audience.

This post as a start will serve as an index to other posts in the series:

  1. VisCom Project: Client and Goals
  2. VisCom Project: Moodboards
  3. VisCom Project: Grids and Wireframes
  4. VisCom Project: Additional Channels